CHILD  2019
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First of all, PRAY!!!  Seek God’s wisdom and will in this.
  • Decide whether to pack boxes as an individual, a family, or collect items for the church’s  packing party (or a combination).  If you are an individual and would like to partner with someone, ask a friend or two to join you for this year-long commitment.
  • Gather and wrap shoeboxes around the new year or first week of January, put girl/boy labels on them and put them in a special place where you can add items throughout the year.   If each child in your family is doing a separate shoebox, make sure the shoebox is accessible for them to add pictures they’ve colored, poems, prayers, photos, etc., as well as items throughout the year.  Let each child decide what gender/age group they want to pack a box for, and label it accordingly.
  • Plan your budget and strategy for buying items throughout the year.  How much?  Will your kids earn money for shoebox items, and if so, how?  Will you buy online or plan a special family night with dinner and shoebox shopping?  How often?  (Go to https://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/year-round-packing-ideas/ for a suggested monthly item buying guide.)
  • Start each shopping spree with prayer.  If this is a family event, have each child pray for the child their shoebox will go to.  Use this as an opportunity to expand into deeper family prayer sessions, if your family isn’t already doing this.
  • If you gather items for the CCF packing party, set them aside in either plastic bins or shoeboxes you’ve wrapped and decorated, then bring them to the church when shoebox season starts in October.   Online buying in bulk may be more cost effective.  Check out Oriental Trading Company, Dollar Tree, and Amazon.
  • Have fun!  Take pictures of your shopping sprees and share them, along with any new ideas that may inspire others.  
  • Consider joining Cryy Out’s Operation Christmas Child team and/or volunteering at the western processing center in Fullerton after National Collections Week in 2019.  Some families make it a special vacation:  they spend a day or more at the processing center, then go to Disneyland or Universal Studios afterward.  
Remember:   Each shoebox is a gospel opportunity to share with a child the greatest gift of all – Jesus!