February 2018

The Humble Servant Pt 34

The Humble Servant Pt 34

A Different Kind of King Pt 33

At His Feet Pt 32

January 2018

The Resurrection & The Life Pt 31

Shall Never Perish Pt 30

The Good Shepherd Pt 29

Only One Door Pt 28

December 2017

Believing is Seeing Pt 27

Who’s Your Daddy? Pt 26b

Who’s Your Daddy? Pt 26a

The Light of The World Pt 25

November 2017

The Savior & The Sinner Pt 24

The Incredible Invitation Pt 23

Don’t Be Confused About Jesus Pt 22

Jesus Defense of Himself Pt 21

October 2017

God’s Time, Not Man’s Time Pt 20

A Call For Commitment Pt 19

September 2017

Bread From Heaven Pt 18

The Stormy Sea & the Sovereign Savior Pt 17

Press On

August 2017

When A Little Becomes A Lot Pt 16

Like Father, Like Son Pt 15

When Misery Meets Mercy Pt 14

The Father OF A Dying Son Pt 13

July 2017

The Soul Winner Pt 12

True Worship Pt 11

Living Water For A Thirsty Woman Pt 10

More Jesus, Less Me Pt 9

June 2017

Sent To Save Pt 8

“A Real Dad” Psalm 128

Religion Meets Regeneration Pt 7

The Temple Cleanser Pt 6

May 2017

The First Miracle Pt 5

And Then They Followed Pt 4

How To Be A Godly Mother In An Ungodly World

Christ’s Faithful Forerunner Pt 3

April 2017

The Nature & Revelation Of The Word Pt 2

The Word Pt 1

Resurrection Sunday “But Christ”

February 2017

The Day Is Coming Pt 8

The Faithless & The Faithful Pt 7

Into The Storehouse Pt 6

Here Comes The Judge Pt 5

January 2017

Profaning The Marriage Covenant Pt 4

Disciplined By God Pt 3

Giving God My Best Pt 2

Loved By God Pt 1

December 2016

The Virgin Birth

The Truth About Giving Pt 3